I've got a free Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 for the ZDNet reader who....

Nearly four weeks ago, I announced ZDNet’s Deputy Tester of the Week program. That's where ZDNet deputizes its readers into walking in our shoes.

Nearly four weeks ago, I announced ZDNet’s Deputy Tester of the Week program. That's where ZDNet deputizes its readers into walking in our shoes. We send you the technology. You test it out and let us know what you think. And then, you get to keep the tech. Not a bad deal, eh? In the first week of our program, I offered three free copies of PPTMinimizer 3.0 to the members of ZDNet’s audience who could tell us why they were the most qualified to test it. We had over 175 "contestants" for that giveaway.

Two weeks ago, I offered two ID Vaults from GuardID Systems. Then, last week, I threw two Sun Spot Java Development Kits from Sun into the mix. But the entries to be the deputy tester were sooooooo cool that I went back to the folks at Sun and asked if they might have two more to spare, and they did. So, I gave away a total of four. So, what's this week's giveaway? It's a LifeCam NX-6000 (see it on Microsoft's Web site) valued at approximately $80.


Unfortunately, we don't have any video of the product this week (our super hi-end Panasonic AG-HVX200 video camera is refusing to "boot-up"). But, at least we have a picture (left). The basic pitch is that this is a 2 megapixel video camera for adding video to your chats and it fits on the lid of your notebook computer. It also does 7.6 megapixel (interpolated) still images.

Although it's primarily designed to work with Windows Live Messenger from Microsoft (Microsoft's instant messaging client; it has a button designed to make a Live Messenger "call" with one touch), it can work with other video-capable instant messenging services as well.

The Nx-6000 isn't especially new (although the one I have is NIB; new in the box). It came out late last year and it's one of the devices that I've been meaning to get around to writing about, but just haven't. So, if you end up as this week's Deputy Tester of the Week, you'll find a lot of reviews of this have already been written. You'll have plenty of research at your disposal.

To participate in ZDNet’s Deputy Tester of the Week program, there are some rules and regulations that you should read (to keep our lawyers happy). Then, using the ZDNet TalkBack facility on this blog entry, make your best pitch as to why I should send the LifeCam NX-6000 I have here in my office to you.

Keep in mind we’re looking for people who are can tell us why they’re the most qualified to test the product in their real world environments. And then, once you receive the product, I’d love to hear back from you regarding your findings. Even if I don’t, you get to keep the product. Finally, if you are “applying” to join ZDNet’s posse of deputy testers, be sure to check back this Friday to see whether you’ve been accepted into the program, or not. So, good luck and let the TalkBacks begin!


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