iWalk Extreme Trio: Keep 3 devices charged on the road, no outlet required

Frequent business travelers with a phone, tablet, and other gadget can keep them all charged at the same time without a power outlet.

(Image: iWalk)

Keeping one device charged on the road can be hard enough, but add one or two more gadgets to the mix and it's downright difficult. We recently showed you a backpack that can keep multiple gadgets charged, but it's not available until late this year and is expensive.

A better solution for many is an external battery that can charge up to three devices at a time, and that's the iWalk Extreme Trio.

The iWalk is a half-inch thin battery packing 10,000 mAh in a small form. It's designed to charge almost any mobile device (except laptops), which it accomplishes by having both an integrated lightning and microUSB plug. A full-sized USB port rounds out the offering.

The power bank doesn't just have the three different size plugs to connect devices, it can use them all at the same time. This permits charging iOS devices alongside Android (and other) gadgets. It doesn't just charge one after the other; the high output allows simultaneous charging of all three devices.

Many business travelers will carry a smartphone, tablet, and laptop to do everything needed on a trip. The iWalk can keep the phone and tablet charged, while leaving a port for another device. Professionals getting an Apple Watch can soon keep that charged alongside the other gear.

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The iWalk Extreme Trio has an LCD screen that displays information about the charging process. This helpful information includes the estimated time to a full charge for plugged-in devices.

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When you need to charge an Android tablet or iPad rapidly, plug it into the 2.5 amp port for rapid charging. Of course, this drains the iWalk battery faster, but in a pinch it's nice to have the option.

The iWalk Extreme Trio is able to charge gadgets while it is plugged in being charged. Charge time will increase when doing both the battery and other devices simultaneously, but this permits using the battery when its tank is running dry.

This is one of just a few external batteries with a built-in lightning cable, making it a good option for iPhones and iPads. It is licensed by Apple so it meets the high standards required by the company.

The iWalk Extreme Trio 10000 is a battery pack that is thin enough to fit in any briefcase or bag. The ability to charge three mobile devices at the same time makes it a good solution for business travelers to keep everything going on long trips.

Buy the iWalk Extreme Trio 10000 on Amazon for $79.99.