Jamcracker updates cloud services brokerage platform

Version 6 of the Jamcracker Services Delivery Network includes better support for companies that need to manage cloud services on a global basis.

One of the better-known players in cloud services brokerages, Jamcracker, has updated its platform to offer enhanced support for organizations that need to manage private, public and hybrid cloud deployments across multiple geographies.

The Jamcracker Services Delivery Network (JSDN) makes it possible for a company or service provider to unify the way that cloud services are delivered, providing a single point of provisioning, access, security, billing, administration and support. Jamcracker has orchestrated relationships with hundreds of pre-integrated cloud service providers, plus it can be used to automate cloud services brokerage workflows. 

The latest edition, JSDN 6, includes support for setting different languages, currencies and time zones, which is becoming more imperative for enterprises small and large that want to create better synergy among the cloud services and applications used across their organization. 

The updated JSDN platform also includes 18 new Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs that can be used for integrating existing applications and for improving scalability across deployments. There have also been changes to the financial reporting features, the company said.

"JSDN 6.0 offers our customers the flexibility to set up multiple marketplaces, each with a unique set of languages, currencies, time zones and date formats," said Mahendra Soneji, vice president of product management for Jamcracker, commenting on the new release. "This enables the catalog, stores and offers to be made available in multiple geographies. This not only decreases the operations costs but also increases the ROI for our customers and adds significant value to their cloud offerings."

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