Japan remains Google Play's top country by revenue

App Annie has said the vast majority of revenue on Google Play is made from Japan, the United States, and South Korea

Over 70 percent of Google Play's revenue comes out of Japan, US and South Korea, according to a report by App Annie.

The report said app downloads from Google Play rose 30 percent for the first quarter of 2015 compared to a year ago. Profitability rose 30 percent, while revenue from games rose by 50 percent.

Japan was the biggest profit generator for Google, and increased 1.4 times over the past year. Revenue of out the US grew by 150 percent, while third place South Korea's grew 1.3 times over.

Germany and the UK were fourth and fifth place in revenue ranking, respectively.

Emerging markets saw the largest growth in app downloads; Brazil's number of downloads rose 90 percent from a year ago, followed by India at 50 percent, with Russia and Mexico both seeing 30 percent more downloads.

Japan first overtook the US as the top revenue earner within Google Play in 2012.

Overnight at Google I/O, a developer preview of Google's upcoming mobile operating system, Android M, was unveiled. Whilst the candy coated name is still yet to be confirmed, the timeline for testing and feedback this year is fixed, with the third and final testing phase, Preview 3, to be completed in late July and the release to follow in the third quarter.

Accompanying the M release, Google have also announced a barrage of announcements, such as revealing its Internet of Things (IOT) operating system, project Brillo. Whilst not a lot of details have been shared on how Brillo will work, it has been mentioned that it will use a common framework to talk to devices, called Weave, a new cross-platform protocol that will work across multiple IOT operating systems.

Google also announced the separation of Google Photos from Google Plus as a standalone app offering unlimited storage of photos up to 16 megapixels in resolution.

The company also announced offline Google Maps access; Google Family Star, a new section in the Google Play store showcasing apps rated suitable for children; and expansions planned for its virtual reality platforms.

Source: ZDNet.co.kr