Japan, US tech researchers looking beyond the Internet

Researchers from both countries are looking at other means of transmitting information to replace the Internet, which is deemed to have security challenges and a source of high power consumption.

Researchers from Japan and the United States are already considering life after the Internet, as they look into ways to create a new information transmission network to replace the current one which is laden with security issues and consume too much power.

The Japan Times reported Friday researchers from The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology of Japan and the National Science Foundation from U.S. are considering means to establish future standards for a global information network to replace the current World Wide Web.

This is because the Internet as we know it today is considered to be struggling with its many security challenges , and poses an energy drain considering the rapid increase of transmitted data, it noted.

As such, both entities will assist bilateral research on areas such as the creation of networks using optical fiber and mobile computing in the next four years, the report noted.