Japanese man sues Google over rape reference

Japanese man files suit alleging Google results of his name reveal Internet message boards and other sites which suggest his association with a rape case.

A Japanese man has filed a suit at the Tokyo District Court against Google and others for psychological compensation, demanding the Web giant remove search results which reportedly link him to a rape case in 2003.

According to a report Thursday by The Mainichi Online, during his university days in Tokyo, the man had joined a social club "Super Free" which disbanded after a group rape case surfaced. The man had not been directly involved in the incident, the report said, citing sources.

However, when someone searches for information on the man, Googles would yield results showing Internet message boards and other sites that carry messages indicating he was involved and was a central member of the club. 

Google's "Suggest" function also brings up the man's name and links him to "Super Free" club. He is seeking to have these results removed. 

The man's lawyer also told The Mainichi Online the search giant was planning to contest the suit and looking to have it dismissed. 

This is not the first time a Japanese has sued Google. In June, another Japanese man who declined to be named also filed a lawsuit  alleging the Internet giant's autocomplete feature breached his privacy , seeking damages for sudden job loss and subsequent job rejections. 

The man had discovered when people typed his name in Google's search engine, results yielded suggested criminal acts which he was not familiar with . He alleged Google's autocomplete search played a role when he suddenly lost his job several years ago and also caused a few companies to reject him when he applied for new jobs.





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