Japan's biggest carrier hits 2 million LTE subscribers

NTT Docomo, Japan's biggest carrier has now reached two million LTE subscribers on its Xi service, having doubled its user base in the last three months.

NTT Docomo, Japan's biggest carrier, announced yesterday that it had reached two million subscribers on its LTE service Xi.

Xi launched in December 2010, and within its first year it had already achieved approximately one million subscribers.

In the past three months, however, that figure has doubled.

After NTT Docomo released its first Xi compatible smartphones last November it saw a massive increase in activations. This new figure accounts for smartphones, tablets and other devices using the LTE service.

It apparently hit the milestone on March 18th, meaning that between its first and second million the company's growth rate quadrupled.

The company also announced their intentions to release more Xi ("crossy") compatible devices like tablets and mobile Wi-fi routers, so that number is only set to increase.

A graph released by the company shows off the rapid climb in users, as well as charting the various release dates and launches that fueled it.

NTT Docomo's LTE network apparently has download speeds of up to 75 Mbps, but the high speed LTE services are not yet available for the newly released iPad.

At present Apple is still not partnered with NTT Docomo. Despite ongoing talks between the company no agreement has been made, and the iPhone remains exclusive to Softbank and KDDI.

At the moment its only partner offering the device, Softbank, is yet to launch an LTE network. For Japanese iPad users, this means that their new 4G LTE capable iPads are stuck at a 3G level.

NTT Docomo is by far the largest carrier in Japan, with over 60 million customers as of March 11th this year.

Image source: NTT Docomo/nttdocomo.com.