Java phones take centre stage at JavaOne

Sony Ericsson and Motorola are among the companies that have been showing off their upcoming ranges of phones at Sun's JavaOne conference. ZDNet UK has exclusive video
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Java wrapped into Sony Ericsson's new mobile phone
The P800 Java mobile phone combines a digital camera, organiser and phone into one device Java stirring in new Motorola phone
Motorola shows its new Java-enabled mobile phone with colour display, able to play Game Boy-type 3D video games On Web services board - 'Political shenanigans'
Sun chief executive Scott McNealy talks about the politics behind the new Web Services Interoperability Group headed by Microsoft and IBM. McNealy: Microsoft broke the law
Sun chief executive Scott McNealy talks about the company's antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft and the software giant's use of Java in Web services. Sun shows biometric Java card
At JavaOne, Sun chief exectuive Scott McNealy shows how a card running Java can be used for security and biometric authentication. McNealy: Java makes better Web services
At JavaOne in San Francisco, Sun chief executive Scott McNealy discusses why he believes Java is a better platform for Web services than Microsoft's .Net. NEWS:
McNealy: Don't let Microsoft steal the Net
Wed 27 Mar:
In his keynote at JavaOne, Scott McNealy implores programmers not to simply allow Microsoft to take over the Internet by default Sun aims Java at the Web services market
Tues 26 Mar: Sun is making a definite move into the Web services market with announcements about software designed for mobile phones and handhelds
Microsoft hopes to woo Java developers
Tues 26 Mar: Q&A: John Montgomery, Microsoft's representative at Sun's JavaOne conference, talks about why Visual J#.Net should appeal to Java developers
Java brewers to stir Web services pot
Mon 25 Mar: Sun's JavaOne conference is to see software and tools announcements from Oracle, IBM and HP, helping to make up lost ground in the Web services market.
Sun looks for Java pay-off
Mon 25 Mar:
Java is undeniably popular, but Sun faces one major problem: how to make money out of its invention. Sun to sell Zaurus at JavaOne
Fri 22 Mar:
This year's Java conference aims to highlight Sun's strategy for unifying the fragmented mobile world through software that can run on many operating systems. A big draw could be a discounted Zaurus Linux/Java PDA.
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