Jawbone announces new UP fitness band, hopefully fixing all the problems

The first Jawbone UP was a major failure for Jawbone, especially given they make great audio products. The new UP is supposed to address all the issues, but I'm not sure I am willing to give them another try after having two broken ones in my drawer from the last round.

Jawbone announces new UP fitness band, hopefully fixing all the problems

I was an early sucker adopter of the Jawbone UP fitness band and enjoyed using it for about six weeks until the failures started up. Jawbone offered to refund my money or replace the band so I took the replacement. I now have two UP bands that don't work. Today, we hear about the long waited revision to the UP that is supposed to offer more data tracking features and fewer problems. It's available in black only right now for $129.99, but I don't think I can risk it again now that other devices have met my needs and been reliable.

The new Jawbone UP will eventually come in several color options (mint green, light gray, blue, navy blue, red, orange, and forest green), but is only available in black right now. The last time we were supposed to see various colors too, but that never happened. We also heard that an Android app was "coming soon" and I see that is still the party line this time as well. I'll believe that when I see it too as Nike seems to have the same problem getting an Android app released for its Fuelband. The new UP looks the same as the old UP and I have to immediately wonder if that dang cap will fall off yet again. I lost a couple and had to fork over money to buy spares so I am not that enthusiastic about the same looking design. My Nike Fuelband has an amazing design and I see now need to replace it. I would love for it to capture more data, but the design is elegant and solid.

I do like that the UP tracks a ton of data, much like the Fitbit with a more user friendly design. I just bought myself a new Fitbit One due to the upgrades in that device, but would consider a new UP if they offered 50% off or something to those who bought UP devices previously. The UP lets you track movement, sleep, and nutrition. I loved the smart alarm feature in the UP previously, but this is what failed on both of my previous units. My wife loved it too since I was able to get awakened without a blaring smartphone alarm. Who knows, maybe I'll be a sucker and test out the new UP, but I don't have to make that decision until the various color ones are launched since I won't be buying a plain black one this time around.

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