Jawbone rolls out UP24 firmware update increasing battery life to 14 days

Jawbone is providing UP24 owners with a major firmware update while also reportedly opening up their API to more hardware opportunities.

Jawbone rolls out UP24 firmware update bumping battery life to 14 days
Image: Jawbone

Unlike smartwatches that last a day, I find it is important to get long battery life on activity trackers. Jawbone is currently rolling out a firmware update that doubles the life of the UP24, from a week to two weeks.

We have seen some mobile devices gain battery life improvements with updates, but I have never heard of doubling the battery life. There doesn't appear to be any other improvements with the firmware update, but there doesn't need to be either.

I have been using the UP24 since November 2013 and keep going back to it as my primary activity tracker. The software is now so compelling that no other activity tracker compares.

SlashGear also reports that Jawbone is going to open up its API, including support for Windows Phone 8.1, Pebble, and Apple's HealthKit. Data gathered through other devices could work with the UP software and that is fantastic. The UP software is the primary reason I still use an UP band.

My original UP24, from last November, just died on my last week, but customer service quickly sent out a replacement so I am rolling again. We still need to see the latest health update for Android, but it is tough to beat the UP software with integration with other services and helpful presentation of the data.

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