Jawbone ups the size of the Jambox with 2.7-pound Big Jambox: $299

With the Big Jambox, Jawbone is doubling the size of its successful portable speaker without doubling its price.

Jawbone's Jambox, while beloved, has been hindered aurally by its relatively diminutive size. Fortunately, Jawbone is changing that with the Big Jambox, a 2.7-pound device that's double the size of its predecessor.

The Big Jambox works in largely the same capacity as the Jambox, offering high-quality audio via any device with a Bluetooth connection. (Yes, including your iPad.). Unlike the original Jambox, the Big Jambox actually supports multiple simultaneous Bluetooth connections, allowing multiple devices to control the music output at the same time.

Sound, of course, is also a big deal. Much of the Big Jambox's audio fidelity comes from things like "neodymium drivers" and "opposing passive bass radiators", which, while important and pivotal on a technological level, probably won't matter to most of the Big Jambox's potential owners. Take from it this: the device is able to pump out quite a bit of sound in a not-so-big footprint.

On a single charge, Jawbone pegs the device's battery life at 15 hours of continuous playback, though it's very likely that that time shrinks when the Big Jambox is blasting audio at its full 110-decibel capacity.

Also notable and worth getting excited over is that, like the Jambox, the Big Jambox also supports Jawbone's MyTalk platform, which not only allows users to change the device's settings, but also allows Jawbone to improve the device via updates.

Available in red, white and "graphite hex", the Big Jambox will run for $299, $100 more than the original Jambox. Available for pre-order now, the device will hit stores on May 15th.