JBoss Application Server 7 to ship in July

JBoss's more cloud friendly Application Server 7 with a full EE6 implementation will be delivered in July.

As part of Red Hat's wide ranging cloud briefing today, its middleware division announced that JBoss Application Server 7 will be delivered in July.

Execs provided a brief preview of the forthcoming application server, which will incorporate a full implementation of EE 6, including support for web profiles, a tenfold improvement in startup time, enhancements in operational management and ease-of-use in management, monitoring and configuration.

Execs noted that application service capabilities are evolving for the cloud and JBoss is building what it calls a lightweight application fabric that is policy driven, automated and supports enterprise mobile requirement.

This lightweight high performance server will better enable cloud deployments. AS 7, for instance, will allow customers to run different profiles and turn services on and off quickly, execs said. It will also support multiple development frameworks including Ruby on Rails and Spring.

JBoss claimed today that 35 percent of the S&P 500 have deployed its application server, including Allianz and Mazda.