JBoss launches contest to rename application server

Red Hat crowdsources the renaming process for JBoss, in the form of a contest, among its community.

The folks at JBoss, the venerable open source application server supported by Red Hat, want to rename their product, and are sponsoring a contest among members of their community to come up with the new moniker.

JBoss logo

Why rename a well-established and well-respected brand, credited with delivering service orientation and enterprise platform functionality to underserved and, later, top-end markets with its open-source solution?

The product's caretakers say the product name is too closely associated with Java, and want to reflect a greater diversity of support for languages and platforms. According to Wikipedia, the software was launched in 1999 by Marc Fleury as a free software project named EJB-OSS (Enterprise Java Bean Open Source Software), implementing the EJB API from J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition). "Sun Microsystems asked the project to stop using the EJB trademark within its name, so EJB-OSS was then renamed JBOSS, then JBoss later."

As JBoss CTO Mark Little puts it: "Although Java EE is central to what it does and we do as a community, it is no longer the only driving force behind it.... We've had lots of discussions here and we believe that the time has come to change the name of our project to better reflect the changes we've seen in its reason for existence so far, but also for what's to come in the future."

The JBoss team also seeks to differentiate it from Red Hat's commercial product, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. The vendor adds that the community brand will remain "JBoss Community," and only the JBoss AS project will be renamed. 

Members of the JBoss community are invited to submit their ideas for renaming the core JBoss Application Server project find a new name.  Naming submissions will be open between October 1 through October 14, and the new name will be selected by a panel of judges made up of Red Hat employees. The winning name will be announced the week of November 12 during the Devoxx conference in Antwerp, Belgium.

Currently, the JBoss Community also hosts nearly 100 projects focused on integration, business rules, processes, NoSQL, cloud, mobile, polyglot, messaging, tooling, and alternative development frameworks.