Jeremy Lin joins Facebook

Jeremy Lin has joined Facebook. Oh sure, he was probably using the world's most popular social network before, but now he's got a new public account that anyone can Subscribe to.

Rising National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar Jeremy Lin has joined Facebook. Well, chances are he has probably used the social network before, but he's created a new public account over at Since it's a new account, Lin was forced to get the new Timeline profile.

Lin filled in his Facebook Timeline with photos of himself playing basketball. He has also Liked three Facebook Pages: New York Knicks, Harvard University, and Palo Alto High School. His own Facebook Page already has over 900,000 Likes.

With the new public Facebook account though, Lin is taking advantage of Facebook's new Subscriptions feature. The Asian sensation is very quickly gaining subscribers: he already has tens of thousands, and I wouldn't be surprised if he hit figures before the end of the day.

That's still a long way off from the millions of Subscribers that Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has. By the way, Zuckerberg, who dropped out of Harvard while Lin who finished his degree, was at the game on Sunday watching Lin play for the New York Knicks as his team beat the Dallas Mavericks.

On Twitter, JLin7 has some 500,000 followers. He's not yet on Google+ though. On Twitter, his account is marked as Verified, but since he only recently joined Facebook, and since the social networking giant only just launched verified accounts, his account hasn't been deemed kosher, meaning it could technically be a fake.

Last week, Jeremy Lin applied to trademark "Linsanity" and paid up to $1,625 for the filing fee to use the name on apparel. "We're prepared to protect his intellectual property rights," Pam Deese of the law firm Arent Fox told CBS News. This was soon after two other men from California also applied to trademark "Linsanity" in order to cash in on Lin's quick rise to fame.

One has to wonder: how long will it be before Facebook scammers decide to take advantage of Jeremy Lin's name?

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