Jersey City, a model of transit-oriented development

Jersey City is embracing the sustainable urban design practice of transit-oriented development. See how they're doing it.

What exactly does a transit-oriented city look like? A lot like Jersey City.

Streetfilms explored the city which is embracing this sustainable urban design practice where development is built around multiple modes of transportation. It's the first installment of their video series "Moving Beyond the Automobile."

In the video, Robert Cotter, Jersey City's director of city planning, tells Streetfilms:

The parking ratios in Jersey City are shocking to some of the people in New Jersey. We don't require parking in most of the development that you're looking at. There's a maximum parking ratio for much of this development, but there's no minimum.

Find out what else the city is doing in the video below.

Moving Beyond the Automobile: Transit Oriented Development from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Photo: Hoboken_Condos/Flickr

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