Jive Software linking up cloud platform with Okta's identity service

Integrating Jive and Okta's platforms points toward a growing trend in enterprise software.

Jive Software has inked a deal to link up Okta's enterprise identity management service with its cloud-based communication and collaboration platform.

Available immediately, Jive customers will be able to use Okta's service at no additional cost.

Furthermore, the installation of Okta Cloud Connect means that Jive customers will be able to connect Jive services with Microsoft Active Directory and other corporate LDAP directories without having to modify or open a corporate firewall.

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The link between Jive and Okta's platforms point toward a growing trend in enterprise software of touting to offer as many possibilities and integrations to customers as possible -- even to the point where it gets overwhelming.

This goes in the face of the decades-old strategy of locking customers in with a single brand, basically scaring them away from dabbling with other vendors in case the two platforms aren't compatible.

Certainly, the same idea is still played out by some of the legacy behemoths in the business. But even enterprise SaaS giants like Salesforce.com recognize the benefit of both offering services in-house ( i.e. Salesforce Files ) and supporting the competition (i.e. Box, Google Apps) at the same time.

In the case of Jive and Okta, the integration makes perfect sense given that they are not competitors but rather their services are complementary.

It also highlights how smaller yet still sizable enterprise software companies are teaming up to give themselves more firepower against the old guard, which typically have more money and more customers still.

In prepared remarks, Jive CEO and chairman Tony Zingale described this partnership as the foundation for a "new cloud stack."

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