Jive's latest release strengthens ties to Microsoft, Google and Marketo

Jive is promising marketers new insights for personalized messaging and campaigns based on a visitor's demonstrated interests.

Jive Software has pushed out a bevy of new features and updates tied to the winter release of its Jive-n and Jive-x communication and collaboration suites.

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While aiming to further establish itself as a centralized, cloud-based collaboration hub for employees, Jive is also using the winter release to solidify integrations to programs made by Microsoft, Google and Marketo, among others.

Factored into the latest version of Jive-n social Intranet software, Jive now supports claims-based authentication for connecting to Microsoft SharePoint.

Furthermore, Jive-n can now instantly sync with Google Drive files while the Jive Connector for Google Docs also displays impact metrics for measuring the reach and sentiment of shared documents.

A new integration baked into the Jive-x external community app taps into Marketo's marketing automation software by honing in on data about a prospect's community activity and interactions.

Jive is promising marketers new insights that can be used to automatically personalize messaging and campaigns based on each visitor's demonstrated interests.

Along with the usual speed and performance upgrades, additional new features designed for better finding the right audiences include dedicated news filters for specific prospects and groups and customized application and engagement tiles for timed promotions and campaigns.

Rolling out this week, many of the new features in the winter release will also bundled with the hosted version of Jive-x.

Jive 8 is scheduled to become available for migration in late March.