Jive StreamOnce aims to connect Microsoft, Salesforce, Google Apps

The Software-as-a-Service space is crowded -- to say the least. Jive's latest offering aims to sort that mess out.


Jive Software is tapping into the Software-as-a-Service craze by trying to bring everyone together in a centralized fashion.

The new product is dubbed Jive StreamOnce, a platform designed to enable employees to have all of their business applications (i.e. email, CRM, converesations, document storage, etc.) onto one hub sponsored by Jive.

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The enterprise software provider touts that StreamOnce could eliminate the need to manage multiple systems for email and collaboration apps, saving both IT departments and employees across the company both time and money from having to deal with lots of configurations.

StreamOnce is starting off small with just a few partners -- but they're certainly big ones.

Available now as part of the Jive spring cloud release, StreamOnce currently integrates with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and DropBox.

Jive is promising support and access to solutions from Oracle, NetSuite, Salesforce, SAP, and SugarCRM within the coming months.

Jive has been keen on pushing the major partners and integration strategy lately.

In April, Jive's spring release centered around virtual work spaces called PurposefulPlaces , which feature integration with Salesforce and Box. The idea behind that product is to close sales deals faster and launch marketing campaigns.

Screenshots via Jive Software