Jive summer release taps Evernote, Chatter and Yammer connections

Jive is looking at gamification as well as some other popular social enterprise apps to boost collaboration this summer.

Advanced Gamification

Jive Software is rolling out its quarterly platform update today, which is centered around several more features intended to enable collaboration with customers and partners.

For starters, Jive is already building upon its recent acquisition of StreamOnce , a platform built to enable employees to have all of their business applications (i.e. email, CRM, conversations, document storage, etc.) within one digital hub.

Here, Jive will be beefing StreamOnce up with integrations for direct access to some particularly popular social apps within the enterprise world: Evernote, Microsoft-owned Yammer and Salesforce.com's Chatter.

Basically, employees will be able to use StreamOnce as the main hub and access data from these three apps without having to leave StreamOnce at all.

An exact release date for this update hasn't been nailed down yet, but it should be within the coming weeks.

Along with new networking opportunities within the Jive Anywhere web-based portal, Jive is also adding pair of new intelligence tools for fostering relationships within and outside of a given corporate network.

First up is Jive Business Analytics, which churns out ready-made reports that follows up on specific goals and highlights where employees could do better based on information from teams, geographies and use cases.

Furthermore, Jive is introducing an "advanced" gamificiation system that allows users to create missions and offer rewards based on Jive activity.

These additions to the Jive platform follow less than a month after what was touted as the social business company's largest mobile upgrade to date .

In June, Jive revamped its mobile interfaces for the iPhone and iPad in particular with new navigation, search, and editing tools for collaborative work on-the-go.

Jive StreamOnce


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