Jobsless: Mobile tech needs a new champion

While lots of things are happening in the mobile tech space, it doesn't feel that way. That's in large part due to the lack of Steve Jobs to keep us pumped up about it.

Image: ZDNet

New phones are released all the time. Every company is making tablets they hope will capture the hearts of consumers. Mobile tech is moving right along, but it seems much more quietly than in the recent past. That is due in part to the lack of a charismatic champion to keep us pumped up about what's going on. There's no one to get us excited about mobile since the passing of Steve Jobs.

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Whatever you thought about Steve Jobs the man or of Apple the company, there is no denying Jobs was a master seller of technology. Many of us watched mesmerized as he unveiled some gadget or app, and excitement spread like wildfire. It wasn't just during the live events, either. The world babbled excitedly about whatever he sold us for weeks.

Mobile tech needs a new champion to step in and fill the void left by the passing of Steve Jobs.

It's true Jobs was riding an exciting time in mobile tech, with the births of the smartphone and the tablet. But at the time of Jobs' announcements of the iPhone and iPad, they weren't sure things. The iPhone ended up shaping the smartphone world, as did the iPad, but when Jobs first showed them to us they were a huge unknown. That they ended up being a major force in mobile can be attributed in part, perhaps a large part, to the fervor and flair with which Steve Jobs presented them to us.

Since the passing of Jobs it seems there is a void of passion in mobile. Companies are rolling out product after product, but there's no excitement that accompanies it. That's the case with both brand new tech and product refreshes. No one is out there creating fervor for them as Jobs did for Apple's products.

It's not just Apple missing Jobs' salesmanship, it's the competition too. While a flashy Jobs' product launch did a great job whipping Apple customers into a frenzy, it had a spill-over effect for other companies. Jobs could incite such passion for whatever tech he was selling that, deny it though they might, it often crossed over to other companies' products. It wasn't uncommon to see excitement about competing gadgets online immediately after an Apple launch event.

The excitement generation machine that was Steve Jobs is sorely missed. Apple current events pale in comparison to those with Jobs onstage. The competition has repeatedly tried to display new products with a similar fervor but have come up very short. They've even tried off-the-wall events, remember the Samsung little homemaker event, with dismal results.

Mobile tech needs a new champion to step in and fill the void left by the passing of Steve Jobs. It doesn't matter who, nor which company they represent, we just need someone. A charismatic salesman who can excite passion about some facet of mobile tech. Someone who leaves audiences standing, shouting with excitement about some gadget or app. While it's not likely we'll see someone as effective at that as Jobs, hopefully we'll have someone step forward who can give it a good try.