John Edwards: Be my MySpace pal!

John Edwards: Social Network Fatigue?
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor on
John Edwards has 11,147 MySpace friends, plus a special “User Generated Politics” value proposition for campaign 2008:

"MySpace is the the third most popular site in the U.S. John Edwards offers the chance to be featured on the front page of his MySpace profile by participating in "John's Pals" - a MySpace exclusive project."

I meet a lot of wonderful people. Many online, some in person. Here are some amazing MySpace friends who have put a picture of the two of us as their default pic. This section is open to everybody so if you've got a picture of us, just message me the links and I'll add you. If we haven't met yet -- I travel a lot, see when I'm in your neck of the woods.


Edwards’ “User Generated Politics” approach is to promote social networking around him at third party social networking sites on the Web, perhaps all of them!: 

YouTube is the largest online video site. John Edwards leaked news about his run for president to YouTube. The video was the top viewed of that week.  Try the video response features and start a dialogue with John Edwards. John Edwards' channel has the most subscribers of any presidential candidate.

Flickr is the biggest photo sharing community. All of John Edwards' photos are in Flickr - some are public, many more are available to contacts, special shots are viewable to friends. Jump on into this network and climb up into John Edwards circle of friends.

Facebook groups on college campuses in every state in the United States, there is a John Edwards group close to you no matter where you are.

Orkut is the social network of Google. You're invited to be a 'fan' or a friend of John Edwards and mark him as '3' or whatever level of trust you feel comfortable with. Orkut became popular in South America, so any Americans abroad who need absentee ballots, check Orkut for info.

Edwards self-promos for two dozen different social networking sites and solicits prospective voters to “Connect” with him by subscribing, sharing, tagging, creating, uploading,… 

Talk about social network fatigue (a concept discussed at least as early as November 2006)!


Edwards’ supporters may be the most fatigued of all! 


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