Judge presses for settlement in Oracle-Google case

Oracle and Google have been ordered to set aside time for further settlement talks in their long-running dispute over Java patents as the case nears its trial date

Oracle and Google have been encouraged to settle their case over the alleged use of Java-related patents in Android.

Lawyers for Oracle and Google have been ordered to propose potential dates for a conference settlement to take place before 9 April. This comes after the necessity for a trial became plainly clear as even dragging in chief executives Larry Page and Larry Ellison to court last September could not bring about a settlement.

Magistrate judge Paul S Grewal — the same judge who presided over the failed settlement talks last autumn — seems to think there is still a chance to settle out of court anyway.

Oracle is suing Google over Java-related patents and technology that appear on the Android mobile operating system. How many and which patents have routinely been up for debate, causing inevitable delays to the case.

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