Jupiter Forum: Broadband will cause survival of the fittest

Look out for a new Web landscape: say goodbye to everything but ISPs, 3D graphics, gaming and streaming

Broadband will force enormous change on Internet content and access providers and some current players will not survive the transition. That was one of the messages at the Jupiter Consumer Online Forum in London today.

Zia Daniel Widger, analyst with Jupiter, says that when "you apply my handy hype filter" only four categories will survive the transition. ISP's will survive as the access providers, 3D graphics will emerge as a strong force providing real estate and travel companies with sophisticated online imaging of products for sale. Multi-platform gaming is seen as a "natural" for broadband, and streamed media.

Controversially, Daniel Widger, another Jupiter analyst said she believed that "TV and PC will remain separate". However, speaking after her presentation she told ZDNet that she believed the Web/PC would be the dominant shopping platform, but conceded her views were based on the US experience.

Sensitive to online charges and driven by the promise of more value online, consumers will continue to demand ever more in the broadband world of early 2000. ISPs will need to find ways of adding value, perhaps offering applications, "just providing access will not be enough" says Widger.