Kaazing allows a single Dell server rack to support one million concurrent Web users

Kaazing HTML 5 WebSocket technology enables a single Dell PowerEdge R620 server to deliver 10 messages per second to one million live Web users.

Tight enterprise budgets mean that there's pressure to do more with less hardware. Kaazing, a pioneer of HTML5 WebSocket technology, have unveiled a new platform that allows a single server rack to handle one million concurrent users.

The JMS Edition 3.5 platform, using TIBCO Enterprise Message Server, allowed a single Dell PowerEdge R620 server to deliver ten messages per second to one million Web users, with these messages going from the server to the client in an average of 3.5 milliseconds.

The server was kitted out with twin 3.3GHz quad-core Xeon processors, 32GB RAM, backed up with dual 10Gb Ethernet cards, and four 1Gb Ethernet network ports.

There's no doubt that the server is incredibly beefy, but hitting the 'ten messages per second to one million users'-mark is still very impressive indeed.

The set up comes into its own for delivering live information to Web pages. As opposed to having to update the page on a regular basis, Kaazing uses HTML5 WebSocket standard to update small portions of the page in a near real-time manner.

"Dell came to Kaazing to help demonstrate the full power of their rack servers and asked if we could drive one message per second to one million users -- and we did just that and then some, achieving ten messages per second to the same one million users," said Kaazing's vice president of sales, John Donnelly III, in a statement.

"With this achievement we like to say we've reached the 'fastest million,' being the first to market with an unprecedented capability, enabling Kaazing to deliver a truly interactive experience with real-time information. We work every day to improve our performance and speed so our customers know they can continue to rely on us as their long term provider, and this Dell partnership is another big step forward for the company."

Image source: Dell.