KakaoTalk maker looks beyond mobile messaging

South Korean startup Kakao introduces a new mobile content platform to allow users to download and upload content, but this service will be available only in Korean language initially.

KakaoTalk developer, Kakao, is already looking at different ways to generating revenue and move away from its mobile messaging business when it launched its mobile content platform Tuesday.

In a report by Yonhap News Agency, the company introduced its Kakao Page service, which allows consumers to purchase content such as videos and applications for as low as 500 won (US$0.44) per download. Subscribers can also choose to upload their content on to the platform, but they will have to pay an annual fee of 50,000 won (US$43.80), it added.

However, the service will only be available in Korean language and on Android devices initially. A company spokesperson said in the report it is in the process of opening up its platform to iOS devices and expanding the service to global users, but did not elaborate further.

The company has garnered 84 million subscribers to its mobile messaging service as of end-March this year, the report noted.

The latest move by the South Korean startup is in line with what analysts suggested earlier, saying there are other ways of monetizing the mobile messaging service besides charging a fee per download.