Kaminaro offers hybrid solid state/flash storage

Kaminario announces the addition of a hybrid storage virtualization and acceleration product that combines solid state and flash drives.

Kaminario launched a new member of their K2 family of storage virtualization and acceleration products. The K2 H combines solid state and flash storage that offers extreme storage acceleration with a moderated price when compared to the company's solid state, DRAM-based, devices.

Here's what Kaminario has to say about this product

Kaminario, a leading provider of high performance, all solid-state SAN storage, today announced its next generation K2 high performance, highly available and ultra-low latency storage solutions. Accommodating the high performance storage needs of diverse applications, workloads and budgets, the new Kaminario K2 family offers a choice of media (DRAM/Flash) in a single system without compromising on enterprise-class speed, self-healing high availability or ease of use. Kaminario will incorporate the Fusion-io ioMemory Flash technology into its K2 architecture, combining best-in-class solid-state technology with the industry’s first enterprise-grade, all solid-state SAN storage solution. See press release: Kaminario and Fusion-io Collaborate to Deliver Enterprise-class, All Solid-State SAN Storage.

Customers can now start with the solid-state media that is right for them today and then add additional media types to the same system as their needs grow and change. To achieve this level of customer investment protection and flexibility, Kaminario is incorporating media freedom of choice into its innovative K2 architecture. The result is an all solid-state SAN storage system that delivers the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective application performance on the market today.

The new Kaminario K2 solutions maximize productivity by increasing the performance of high-I/O and latency sensitive applications at less than the cost of legacy SAN storage. The Kaminario K2 family of all solid-state storage includes:

  • Kaminario K2-H: A hybrid of DRAM and Flash solid-state media for optimizing mixed READ and WRITE workloads; DRAM for WRITE intensive, latency sensitive data, and Flash for READ intensive data. The K2-H accommodates a mix of application types or the different needs of individual files within a single application’s multiple processes (database temp files, redo logs, etc.).
  • Kaminario K2-D: DRAM-only solid-state media for WRITE intensive and latency sensitive random workloads such as high-end OLTP and DBMS applications. The K2-D is specifically designed for those customers that require the ultimate in solid-state storage performance.
  • Kaminario K2-F: Flash-only solid-state media for predictable READ intensive workloads such as analytics, data warehousing and certain types of DBMS applications.

All K2 models come with standard self-healing high availability and can be installed and deployed within just a few hours. All models are available now and prices start at $30/GB.

Snapshot analysis

It appears that every major supplier of storage systems is now offering some form of solid state storage to augment their storage systems' performance. The challenge customers face is that most of them have a single offering that may not offer the right combination of price and performance for their needs. Kaminario is one of the fiew that offers a portfolio of storage systems that use the following storage technologies to offer a selection of options each offering a different price/performance point:

  • DRAM to achieve external storage performance that is similar to the performance of the computer's own memory.
  • Flash to achieve accelerated storage performance at a much lower cost
  • A combination of DRAM and Flash for price-sensitive environments that need greater performance than flash storage can achieve.

What I find the most interesting about Kaminario's products is the intelligent Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture™ (SPEAR) architecture that the company has developed. This hardware/software technology offers extreme performance, ease of management, self-healing and a number of other important capabilities.

This type of storage virtualization and acceleration system could be very helpful for organizations that have a need for extreme transaction processing or database performance.

Disclosure: Kaminario is a Kusnetzky Group Client.