Karnataka to open forensics lab to support cybercrime prosecution

The Indian state will open a centralized cyberlab within the next two months to assist in cybercrime prosecution, and back up claims with digital evidence such as IP addresses.

Karnataka will open a centralized cyber lab within the next two months to help the police back up prosecution claims.

The Indian state of Karnataka will open a central cyberlab to help improve the number of cybercrime conviction rates there.

The laboratory, set to be open in the next two months, will help police track down and identify IP addresses and back up prosecution claims with digital evidence, The Times of India reported on Monday, citing sources from the Indian police.

It will help in cybercrime investigations by cracking the passwords used by criminals on the hard disk of computers, the police sources said, noting it will function as a forensics lab in cybercrime cases.

"Conviction rate in cybercrime is almost nil, barring some stray incidents of conviction across the country. The cyberlaboratory will help police buttress their cases with technological findings and give them evidentiary value in court," AM Prasad, additional director general of police intelligence, said in the report.

Tenders for setting up the cyber lab have also been awarded to India's Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), and the supply of highly advanced equipment to the lab will start soon, Prasad added.

Similar labs will also be opened in other cities in Karnataka including Mysore, Mangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga and Davenegere after this, the sources noted.

Just earlier this month, India had opened its first cyberforensics lab (CFL) in the state of Tripura , but its function was to make court case related information available, in a bid to decentralize legal services across India and make the judicial system more efficient.