Keyboard Buddy: Add a keyboard slider to your iPhone 6

Those who long for the phones of old with a physical keyboard that slides out of the handset should check out this case for the iPhone 6.

(Image: Boxwave)

Remember the phones of yesteryear with a physical keyboard that slid out from the side of the handset? The ones with the keyboard spread out in landscape orientation so the keys were easily hit with thumbs? That's not a thing of the past for the iPhone 6, as the Boxwave Keyboard Buddy adds a slider to Apple's phone.

The Keyboard Buddy is built into a case for the iPhone 6. The case is thick at 0.68 inches, but that includes the iPhone 6 inside. Those who long for such a keyboard when it's time to write a long email for work may find the additional 0.41 inch a reasonable compromise.

The keyboard slides out from the case and can be activated by hitting the space bar. It uses Bluetooth 3.0, so there are no connectors nor wires to attach it to the iPhone. It charges via microUSB, and has a stated battery life of two weeks.

The raised keys are backlit, an unusual feature on such a small keyboard.

The Boxwave Keyboard Buddy is not for everyone, but those placing a premium on a thumb keyboard may find this to be ideal. It could be a reasonable solution for those using the iPhone 6 for work who need the ability to enter text more easily than using the onscreen keyboard.

The Keyboard Buddy can only be used with the phone in landscape orientation. The home screen on the iPhone 6 does not rotate into this direction, but many apps do. Apps that only display in portrait won't be easy to use with the Keyboard Buddy, if at all.

The Keyboard Buddy is available from Boxwave for $79.99, and we found it on Amazon for $60.51.

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