Kickstarter campaign targets rack mount for new Mac Pro

If the new crowd-funding Mode Mount project succeeds, Apple's recently shipping Mac Pro won't have to sit on or under the desk.

Last week, Mode Adjust launched a Kickstarter project for Mode Mount, a rack-mounting solution for the new Mac Pro. Apple has yet to offer a rack-mount system for the new, cylindrical Mac Pro. The Mode Mount will also let users securely attach the Mac Pro underneath the desk, the group said.

Kickstarter campaign targets rack mount for new Mac Pro: Mode Mount

Two of the round Mac Pros mounted horizontally will fit in a 4U space. Mode Adjust is offering three versions of the rack: Mode Mount Horizontal; Mode Mount Desk (for under the desk); and Mode Mount Vertical (for stationary server racks). The final versions after the Kickstarter project will retail for $250.

The Mode Mount securely locks the Mac Pro into place without obstructing the base of the computer.

Functioning much like a bike post clamp, the Mount clamps around the tube to hold it in place. The Mode Mount also includes a bottom tab and an upper, retainer tab to add additional safety for mobile units. These rings will also have a coated interior to minimize any scratching or damage to the Mac Pro.

The project is the brainchld of Marshall Bex, the the Creative Director and owner at Mode Adjust, a Portland, Oregan-based creative production company. I was told that not only does Bex understand the needs of professionals to securely rack-mount their equipment, it was "his own professional need of a rack mounting system for the new Mac Pro, along with his experience in product design, that led him to create the Mode Mount."