Kickstarter project turns any TV into an Ice Cream Sandwich computer

Turn any TV into a smart TV running Android Ice Cream Sandwich with this Kickstarter project.

Kickstarter projects are a dime a dozen, in number, if not pricing. It's becoming difficult to spot the potential gems in the crowd-sourcing crowd. Geeks should check out the Pocket TV, which puts an Android computer on a USB stick designed for use with HD TVs.

The Pocket TV from Infinitec puts a full computer running Android 4.0 on a gadget barely bigger than a regular USB stick. The Pocket TV can be plugged into any TV with a USB port, turning it into a smart TV running Android. This isn't a subset of Android as you can tell in the following demo.

The most basic investment of $99 gets you a Pocket TV and a simple RF remote for interacting with the computer and TV. A more advanced option ($135 currently) comes with the Air Remote which adds a QWERTY keyboard and motion control to the mix.

Since the Pocket TV plugs into a USB port, the enterprise crowd can use it with most modern projectors to run presentations in Android.

The Pocket TV expects to be shipping in October and looks to be a pretty cool way to turn a big screen TV into a full Android computer.