Kids get their own 2-in-1 Windows laptop with $200 Kurio Smart

The hottest mobile computing trend reaches the school-age set, as the 9-inch device will be available at Toys"R"Us.


Kids love tablets, and the education market has embraced Chromebooks, so it's no surprise that someone has decided to put the two together for schoolchildren. Kurio, which has previously released child-friendly Android tablets, has brought the increasingly popular trend of 2-in-1 devices -- a tablet that becomes a laptop with a detachable keyboard -- to kiddies with its new Kurio Smart.

The $200 hybrid -- which the company claims is the first 2-in-1 laptop designed for children -- is a 9-inch device running Windows 8.1 and with the requisite detachable magnetic keyboard. It's powered by a quad-core Intel Atom Z3735G Baytrail processor, 1GB of RAM, and 32GB of built-in storage, and the display sports 1,280x800 resolution and features multi-touch capabilities.

Other specs include built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, stereo speakers, and front- and rear-facing cameras, albeit of low resolution (0.3 megapixels and 2 megapixels, respectively). Your child also gets a free year of Microsoft Office 365 and up to a terabyte of Microsoft One Drive cloud-based storage for any school assignments he or she needs to complete.

While that all makes the Kurio Smart sound like a typical budget convertible notebook, the company offers several extras to make it more attractive for children and parents alike, including a number of pre-loaded games and Microsoft Family Safety parental controls. The Internet can be filtered and Microsoft's app store can restrict access to certain software based on the age of the child using the device.

The Kurio Smart is available --naturally enough -- through Toys"R"Us in either blue and white (as pictured above) or pink and white.