Kiehl's Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer: Time zone trick

A subtle skincare product that helps you look fresh and meeting-ready after a long-haul flight.

Look, we know you don't read SmartPlanet for grooming tips. You're here for big ideas about global business innovation. We get that. But it's hard to form some of those yourself without at least a little travel across time zones, and that's where things run off the rails. Because let's face it: that flight from Sydney to Sao Paulo is going to be at least 20 hours long no matter how you cut it. Dozing off is a must, but getting dark circles under your eyes from the plane's dehydrating cabin climate is not.

Kiehl's "eye de-puffer," part of its Facial Fuel line, helps you roll into your next meeting without looking like you're nursing a hangover. Its cooling effect works by constricting the blood vessels that would normally be visible through your sun- and sleep-deprived skin. It rolls on easily, is small enough to meet the tightest carry-on restrictions and has no scent to speak of. We find it subtle and suitable for an executive on the go, whether man or woman.

Roll on a bit before you snooze and you'll be good to go when you touch down on the tarmac. As good as anyone who's had a few scotches at 30,000 feet might, that is.

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer is available on the company's website, at brick-and-mortar stories in 37 countries or in various airport boutiques, from Singapore Changi to San Francisco International. $20.

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