Killer Apple Watch app idea: Keep your baby safe

Parents of infants are often worried about keeping them safe and immediately attending to their every need. A smartwatch app could help Mom and Dad rest easy.


Smartwatches are about to take off with the Apple Watch nearing availability. There are apps already appearing to help leverage the utility in Apple's offering, and apps are appearing in number for other brands, too. Folks are wondering what the killer app for smartwatches may be, especially for the Apple Watch. We've got an idea that could be that killer app.

Parents of infants, especially first-timers, are understandably attendant to their young ones from the first time they bring them home. They spring into action at every fret, fuss, and sign of discomfort. Their child's safety is their primary concern, after all.

Many such parents have two-way baby monitors with a unit in the nursery and a clumsy handheld unit that clips to the belt or bag. This lets Mom or Dad immediately hear every noise in the nursery if Jr. is waking up and needs attention.

These baby monitors work fine, but could be more convenient and efficient if a smartwatch and app was part of the equation. Someone might be working on one now given how many Apple Watch apps are under development, but if not someone should get right on it.

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Imagine a system that still uses the listening device in the nursery and the app on the parent's watch. At the first sign of activity in the crib the watch would gently vibrate to signal that the infant is moving or fussing.

No need to keep track of a heavy handheld unit. Just strap your smartwatch on first thing in the morning and you're all set.

It needn't be restricted to audio; a system with a camera in the nursery could show at a glance on the smartwatch what's going on upstairs. Parents could know whether the baby's sleeping with just a tap on the watch screen.

There are apps for phones that do this with audio already, in fact the Samsung Galaxy S5 debuted a baby monitor feature. It used the phone microphone to detect crying, and then sent a notification to the company's Gear watch. It's not very convenient having the phone in the nursery and too far to do all the other things you do with phones.

This smartwatch system would be more convenient, and throwing video into the mix would make it even more so.

This has the potential of being a killer app for the Apple Watch. It might even be reason enough to get parents of infants to buy the watch. Peace of mind about their children is a powerful motivator for parents.