Kindle Fire nabs support for ESPN ScoreCenter and Hulu Plus

Joining the Kindle Fire's robust app catalog at launch are two major additions: Hulu Plus and ESPN ScoreCenter.

Amazon's Kindle Fire is going to have quite the entertainment line-up when it launches later this month.

Joining Amazon's announcement earlier this week is the news that the Kindle Fire will feature support for both Hulu Plus streaming television and ESPN's ScoreCenter, which allows users to monitor scores and news from a variety of sports leagues and teams. The two services join apps like Angry Birds, Pandora, QuickOffice Pro, and many, many more that Amazon announced on Wednesday. Amazon says that the Kindle Fire will support "several' thousand apps" when it launches next week.

But the news is also interesting for Barnes & Noble. During the announcement of the Nook Tablet earlier this week, the company made quite a big deal over the device's support for Hulu Plus, a feature that it noted was notably absent from the Kindle Fire line up.  With the addition, B&N loses a valuable (but perhaps expectedly short-lived) marketing point.

With the Kindle Fire launching on November 15th, and the Nook Tablet landing two days later, it seems like the first battle will be fought over which device offers a more robust content offering. That may be a bit hard to discern, however, seeing as the app line-up for the two tablets seems to be awfally similar currently.