Kindle Store: Amazon India's next step

After launching Junglee, Amazon has officially launched its Kindle Store in the country.

Amazon has been steadily making their way into the Indian ecommerce market. Taking baby steps with an ecommerce aggregator, Amazon launched as a precursor to their expected webstore. Earlier today, Amazon announced their next move into the Indian market. The company has officially launched their Kindle line of products and services in India in partnership with retail chain Croma.

The announcement includes the launch of:

  1. Kindle Store
  2. 6" Kindle WiFi Reader
  3. Kindle Direct Publishing

On Amazon's FAQ page, the company says the following products will be available through the Kindle Store in Indian currency:

  • Items you are purchasing must be eligible Kindle items, such as Kindle eBooks. Digital content including pre-orders, magazines, newspapers, Audible content, Pottermore titles, blogs, active content, gifted content and textbook rentals are not eligible for payment in Rupees (INR).  
  • You must use a Visa or MasterCard issued in Rupees (INR).

The Kindle Readers will be available through Croma's retail outlets. Oddly, Amazon has only launched the base model; no Kindle 3G or Amazon's tablet--Kindle Fire--just yet. Somehow, I don't really believe a lot of buyers would get another mobile connection with 3G for a Kindle, despite it being cheaper than in the US. 

The Kindle 6" WiFi is available for र6,999 (in the US, it's for $79, which at today's exchange rate comes to र4,400). And if one was to search for the Kindle Reader on Junglee, the Reader can be bought from 77 Croma outlets across India.

Amazon will be promoting Indian literature which makes the third announcement is probably a lot more interesting. Kindle Direct Publishing lets authors publish books and sell them through Amazon's Kindle Store. Speaking about the launch, Amazon's VP for Kindle content said, "We are proud to launch this new Kindle store for Indian customers, offering Kindle book purchases in rupees and the ability to buy and read the work of many great Indian authors."

Now that Amazon's Kindle Store has an Indian version and an international version, it will be itneresting to see how the distributor deals with the government's ridiculous demands of banning certain books.


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