KitKat available for HTC One owners on Sprint

HTC One owners on Sprint can manually check for a KitKat update, which the carrier will begin pushing out from February 11.

HTC missed its 90-day deadline for delivering KitKat to HTC One owners in the US, but Android 4.4 is nevertheless on its way to Sprint customers.

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Updated: Moto X owners in the US will be the first non-Nexus devices to get KitKat, possibly even ahead of the Google Play editions of Samsung and HTC's flagship devices.

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HTC One owners on Sprint have in theory been able to download and install Android 4.4 since Saturday. The carrier announced its availability via its support forums, but only for customers that initiate a request for the update. 

Still, customers who are eager to install KitKat can manually check for its arrival, while the wider "network initiated" rollout will commence in batches on February 11, according to Sprint.

The HTC One KitKat update on Sprint carries the software version number 4.06.651.4, and brings both Android 4.4 as well as version 5.5 of HTC's Sense UI.

HTC USA via Twitter welcomed Sprint as the first carrier in the US to launch KitKat for the HTC One shortly after it conceded it would miss its target to release KitKat 90 days after Google made the OS available.

Since the release of Jelly Bean, HTC has aimed to be the first mobile maker to deliver the latest version of Android to its customers. However, it was beaten to the mark on KitKat by Motorola, which has brought the OS to a number of its handsets

HTC was in fairness the only major OEM to announce a date for KitKat's release and, at least for US customers, has launched its update schedule website, which details the progress of the rollout for its flagship on each carrier.

According to HTC's update page, the HTC One on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon is still at the "certification" stage. HTC USA said via its Twitter account that it should be able to announce final dates for the operators within a fortnight.

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