Klout influence gets bigger with Blockboard acquisition

Klout acquires Blockboard to extend its influence to smaller, local communities and mobile devices.

Klout's portfolio (and possibly its influence in the startup world and Silicon Valley) is getting a bit bigger today with the annoucement of its acquisition of Blockboard.

The online influence tracker explained on its blog that Blockboard has built "an amazing local-mobile app" designed to connect neighbors for building communities via technology. In a similar way to AOL's Patch, this platform offers the potential for discussing immediately local news on everything from lost pets to a broken lamppost.

As the idea behind Klout is determining social media influence and power online, it makes sense that Blockboard discussed the company's thoughts regarding this on its official blog:

What’s influence? It’s the ability to drive action. Just like in the online world, our local communities are filled with influential people who know the answers to our questions, who have opinions that we value, and who give advice that we follow. The challenge often lies in finding and connecting with these people in the first place.

Thus, as Blockboard describes that Klout "built the leading platform for measuring and understanding influence on the Web," Klout will now be expanding "that system into local communities, mobile devices, and other new contexts" with Blockboard's resources and expertise.

Blockboard’s entire staff is joining Klout, which shouldn't be too difficult on the listed quartet of employees as both companies are based in San Francisco.

Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.