Konekt IoT "starter kit" brings connectivity to any device

The Konekt Dash lets developers build "Internet of things" devices that easily and securely connect to the Internet with cellular connectivity.

Konekt recently launched a kickstarter campaign for an IoT "starter kit" and surpassed its goal within a day. The Chicago based start-up has developed a platform to bring internet connection to any device.

Konekt IoT "starter kit" brings connectivity to any device ZDNet

The device makes it quick and easy to build anything from a dog tracker that tweets its location or a smart greenhouse that alerts you when plants need water.

Konekt IoT "starter kit" brings connectivity to any device ZDNet

Konekt Dash is an Internet of things cellular development kit that works without Wi-Fi.

It can power any IoT solution - from dog tracking devices to smart grid sensors and healthcare applications.

An expansion upon the original Konekt Toolkit, Dash includes the hardware developers need to connect and manage millions of devices via machine to machine (M2M) cellular connection.

By relying on a cellular connection, the device allows developers to deploy IoT solutions in places where Wi-Fi is unavailable or unreliable.

The developer toolkit lets anyone build connected devices that work everywhere.

The kit can support smartphone-controlled home security systems, trackers and other consumer applications.

Its security features means that the Dash Pro is appropriate for applications like parking meters, ATM security, industrial temperature monitoring and healthcare applications.

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It comes with pre-loaded global cellular service, APIs, a cloud platform and a management portal that can be used for billing and activation.

the Konekt Dash provides a circuit board with integrated battery management.

Developers simply need sensors and code to deploy an IoT solution that works anywhere that has cell service.

The Pro version features SSL, AES 256 PSK encryption and automatic, encrypted over-the-air (OTA) key exchange.

Data is protected by military-grade encryption as it travels between the sensor and the cloud server.

Developers can complete secure OTA firmware updates and run diagnostics on each device without fear of the device breaking in the field.

This makes it feasible for developers to deploy and maintain many devices without having to build complex network infrastructure or a custom on-chip operating system for their devices.

Ben Forgan, co-founder and CEO of Konekt said: "By introducing enterprise-level encryption - something no other IoT kit offers - we're also empowering developers to create solutions for industries with strict security and privacy requirements".

Konekt SIMs packaged with third-party hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone) will ship in May 2015. The Konekt Dash will ship in summer 2015.

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