Korean PDA market expected to double

Softbank Research said the Koreanpersonal data assistant (PDA) market will double this year compared with the previous year.

Softbank Research said the local personal data assistant (PDA) market will double this year compared with a year earlier.

SEOUL (Asia Pulse) – According to its "IT Insight" report, the information technology market researcher forecasted the local PDA market to grow to 50b won (US$3.83m), an increase of 110 per cent from last year's 24b won (US$18.4m), by selling 80,000 units.

Since 1998, 160,000 units have been sold throughout the nation. The report shows that the local PDA market is dominated by a domestic manufacturer, JTEL, which produces Cellvic and controls 60 per cent of the market.

Window CE type PDAs took 25 per cent of the market and Palm-PC type PDAs took 10 per cent.

The local market shows a difference from the global trend in which 60 per cent of PDAs are Palm-PC types.

JTEL is expected to hold sway over the local market for the time being, with the release of Cellvic XG in the second quarter of this year.

The moderately-priced XG model contains a CDMA module, giving it a more of a competitive edge over other Window CE and Palm OS PDAs.