Korean regulator investigates data leak in mobile shops

Korea Communications Commission begins investigation into mobile retail shops operating across the country, following a spate of reports concerning customer data leaks.

South Korea's telecom regulator has initiated a probe into mobile retail shops operating in the country, following a spate of reports concerning data leaks. 

Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said there is no timeline to when the investigation will end, and it will fine retailers that violate local regulations up to 30 million won (US$27,924), reported Yonhap News Agency. Retailers that sell customer data to third parties will also be taken to task. 

South Korea's telecom law stipulates that all subscriber forms containing personal information must be discarded after the data has been uploaded to computer servers. 

Police in the southern city of Busan earlier this month said a suspect was detained for allegedly circulating 12.3 million pieces of personal data he got from a hacker, who police said had obtained the information from mobile retailers and other financial companies. Over in Incheon, Seoul, police also arrested three people suspected of stealing personal data belonging to 12 million customers of mobile operator, KT.

Oh Nam-seok, a policy official for KCC, was quoted in the Yonhap report: "There have been several cases of personal data leakages from retailers. The probe has no deadline, and every shop will be investigated."