Korea’s Rsupport, a remote control solution provider, has global ambitions

Korea is way behind in software compared to other advanced economies, but local business Rsupport plans to buck this trend, reports ZDNet Korea's Cho Mu-hyun.

Rsupport's ambition is to build an international client base and turn its long-distance device control solution, Mobizen, into a global platform. Mobizen lets users control their smartphones though their PCs via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, long-term evolution (LTE) networks, or traditional wired networks.

Rsupport's Mobizen allows users to control their smartphones from their PCs

Users can also enjoy smartphone content without downloading it to their PCs. “Basically, the smartphone becomes the cloud environment and your PC the smartphone,” said an Rsupport spokesperson. All files on the smartphone can also be backed up on the computer.

The spokesperson added that mouse-friendly features such as drawing can be used from the PC to their maximum potential while accessing smartphone apps. For example, games resident on mobile devices can be played more efficiently when controlled from the PC.

The software maker showed off its wares for the third straight year at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Japanese mobile carrier NTT Docomo is testing the solution on thirteen of the models in its smartphone product set. The telco is one of Rsupport's biggest supporters, having invested $15 million in the Korean firm since December 2012. NTT Docomo's 60 million subscribers are potential Mobizen customers explained the Rsupport spokesperson. 

Business clients can add their own services on Mobizen and can share revenue in a win-win model, added Rsupport. 

B2B is not new territory for Rsupport - the company has already sold its RemoteCall series of solutions to business clients. The solutions help Rsupport's clients respond more effectively to customers' service requests. Customers (of Rsupport's clients) who use the RemoteCall app can show their particular problems using their smartphone cameras in real-time, and help effect resolution.

Rsupport CEO Seo Hyung-su says his company will evolve Mobizen to support smartphone-to-smartphone control.  This could be used by younger generations to teach less tech-savvy elders to better understand technology.

Or, to the dismay of children everywhere, parents could monitor their smartphones and configure the phones as they see fit.

Other solutions from Rsupport, like “Remote PC,” are also proving popular. This tablet app was pre-installed in Samsung Electronics’ recently launched Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro to help the electronics giant better respond to customers.

Rsupport says it will continue to approach global tech big-wigs with business opportunities. The company made $21 million in revenue last year, with over 50 percent from foreign clients. It aims to grow that aggressively.