Kournikova virus grips the world

The promise of a picture of glamorous tennis star Anna Kournikova fooled many into launching virus. A ZDNet UK News Focus

If you've escaped the virus so far, stay safe. Don't open files unless they are sent to you by a trusted source. If you're one of the many who has opened the file, get your fix here. And stay posted for more Anna virus news. NEWS:
Kournikova virus suspect faces four years in slammer

Thurs 15 Feb: Remorseful virus writer could still face years behind bars Dutch police arrest Kournikova virus suspect
Wed 14 Feb: Fan confesses to creating virus inspired by Anna Kournikova Dutch treat? Netherlander takes credit for 'Anna'
Wed 14 Feb: Dutch virus writer created Anna Kournikova virus 'for fun' Worried about Kournikova virus? Read this
Tue 13 Feb: You opened that pesky 'photo file' expecting to see a picture of tennis star Anna. Instead you got infected with a nasty virus. Luckily, ZDNet is here to help Virus Alert: How the Anna virus was created
Tue 13 Feb: She was made from a toolkit Virus Alert: How the Anna virus was created
Tue 13 Feb: Variants of a virus capitalising on the popularity of 19-year-old Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova failed to add momentum to the worm's spread Monday Anna Kournikova virus targets UK firms
Mon 12 Feb: Virus disguised as picture of tennis star COMMENT:
Anna infestation
Running and updating anti-virus software is a complete pain, which is why most users don't bother. Guy Kewney says we know that anybody with a brick heavy enough to break our windows could get into our houses; and that it would cost a fortune to make the house significantly more secure. So we take refuge in statistics -- it's not likely to happen, really; so we'll hope it doesn't.

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