KPMG acquires First Point Global to focus on end-to-end security

The acquisition of First Point Global is part of consultancy firm KPMG's plans to deliver end-to-end solutions to its customers across a range of areas, including security.

KPMG Australia has acquired First Point Global for an undisclosed amount, the fourth security company in five months for the company's international network.

As part of the acquisition, First Point Global founding partners John Havers and Jan Zeilinga, together with the company's 30 employees, will join KPMG, forming KPMG First Point Global. The team will be responsible for offering clients consulting, systems implementation, and ongoing support.

Mark Tims, KPMG Australia partner for technology, risk, and assurance, said the acquisition is in line with the company's global strategy to become an end-to-end solutions provider for its customers.

"Strategy, operational model, governance, process, and technology solutions are what we're looking at, and whether that be in cybersecurity, whether it be in human capital or finance; it's that end-to-end service that we're creating across a number of functional areas," he said.

He added that becoming an end-to-end solutions provider, particularly in the security space, will meet the demands of customers who want to work with one company that can provide a range of services.

"[Customers] don't want to necessarily want to go and an engage with organisation X for that part of the problem, and then go to organisation Y for that problem. What they much prefer is one organisation -- one stroke to choke, if you like -- who can deal with strategic level issues, but also get down to the nuts and bolts, and solve those crunchy technology problems," he said.

"This is why First Point Global became very attractive to us, because it created far greater depth in the security engineering space, which complements KPMG's consultancy services."

When asked whether becoming more than a consultancy firm will affect the company's existing relationships with third-party vendors, Tims said it will only be complementary.

"What we find in the relationship we have with our third-party vendors, a lot of them have strong technical and sale capability. However, they haven't built strong delivery capability," he said.

"I think having First Point Global gives us that deeper pedigree of implementation and engineering skills that will become more attractive to the partners that we currently work with."

The other security companies that KPMG has acquired over the months include identity and access management consultancy firm Qubera; Frankfurt-based security consultancy boutique P3 Consulting; and Trusteq Oy, a Finnish security business that specialises in identity and access management services and security transformation.

In addition to the acquisition of First Point Global, KPMG Australia has made five other acquisitions in the past 18 months. These include social media risk consultancy firm SR7; Pacific Strategy Partners' Melbourne-based team; a Western Australia-based accounting practice; mining services consultancy Momentum Partners; and SGA Property Consultancy.

According to Tims, KPMG will continue to expand its security capabilities -- one of six strategic growth initiatives for the company -- and plans to do so with more acquisitions.

"We see this as an area that has come from a very technical component part of technology into a more mainstream business issue that organisations globally are being confronted with," he said.