KPMG offers IT security training programme in Singapore

KPMG in Singapore introduces a six-month cybersecurity development programme, which will include simulated wargames, to help businesses better prep their employees amid increasingly sophisticated attacks.

KPMG in Singapore has launched a six-month cybersecurity training programme, which will include a simulated attack exercise, touted to help businesses better prep their employees amid increasing security attacks. 

In a statement released Tuesday, the consulting firm said recruitment for the first batch of participants will begin this month. When contacted, KPMG declined to provide details, including how much the six-month "capability development" programme will cost and when the first batch of participants will commence lessons. 

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Many cybersecurity programmes fail to properly address the targeted and resilient nature of hackers today.

The company, however, told ZDNet this was its first cybersecurity training programme as it looked to impart its consulting expertise and help organizations more adequately address rapidly evolving attacks. It also said details will be available to companies interested in the programme, and added that more cybersecurity programmes could be introduced in future.

Lyon Poh, partner and head of IT Assurance and security for KPMG in Singapore, said in the statement that many cybersecurity programmes currently focus on the implementation of preventive measures, but fail to properly deal with the targeted and resilient nature of hackers today. He noted that attack tactics were also rapidly changing and increasingly sophisticated, leaving businesses struggling to keep up, even as employees' work patterns evolve with emerging trends such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD), big data , and cloud computing

"At the same time, more statutory and regulatory requirements have been put in place to make sure companies are managing their customer and personal information appropriately. Companies here have a lot on their plate to deal with when it comes to cyber security," Poh said, adding that KPMG's new training programme will focus on arming cybersecurity professionals with "the right skills" to improve their "situational awareness" and better enable them to detect and respond to threats more swiftly. 

"We will also work closely with participating companies to develop security proof-of-concepts relevant to their business situation," he said. "We believe that empowering companies in their own cybersecurity defense as far as possible is more sustainable than totally relying on external vendors for security."

The six-month capability development programme will focus on three key areas including training participants in the deployment of business frameworks to detect cybersecurit threats as well as in identifying and analyzing malware threats. It will also include simulation exercises which will be held at Singapore Polytechnic's Cyber Wargame Centre, offering participants a platform to test their skills in realistic cybersecurity wargames. 

Liew Chin Chuan, course manager for the polytechnic's Diploma in Infocomm Security Management, said in the release: "Going beyond theory into real-life application is important to becoming a better cybersecurity professional. The Cyber Wargame Centre is equipped with a 'Cyber Range' that is able to simulate large-scale cyberattacks and the latest threats in as realistic a manner as possible."

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