KT, Intel to develop energy-saving data center tech

South Korean telco KT Corporation and U.S. chipmaker Intel form partnership to research energy-efficient technology to reduce data center power consumption.

South Korea's KT Corporation has teamed up with United States chipmaker Intel to develop energy-efficient technology to reduce power consumption at data centers.

According to a joint press release, the two companies will run a high-temperature ambient test center in Cheonan, 92 kilometers south of Seoul, before adapting the technology at KT's data center, said Yonhap News on Tuesday.

Yun Dong-sik, senior vice president at KT Corp. said the the technology would by the end of next year be applied at the company's Cheonan Data Center--one of KT's eight Internet data centers across the country.

The report noted that the new technology would enable data center operation at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, which would help cut the energy costs for cooling to the optimal 18 to 21 degrees Celcius range. Energy costs typically make up half of the operating expenses at a data center.

Yonhap added that this was the latest in KT Corp's drive to diversify its business portfolio in the competitive local  telco market.

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