KY judge gives gambling sites 30 days to block users

A Kentucky judge gave over 100 gambling sites 30 days to block Kentucky users or have their domain names transferred to the state. An appeal seems likely.

A Kentucky judge Thursday gave online gambling sites 30 days to block the state's users or face transfer of their domain names to the state, the Kentucky Herald-Leader reports.

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear had pressed for a ban on the sites in support of Kentucky's legal gambling. Bershear also wants to bring casino gaming to the state. The sites had asked the judge to reconsider a previous ruling in the state's favor. But in a 44-page ruling, the judge found the sites' claims of international chaos unpersuasive.

"The Internet, with all its benefits and advantages to modern day commerce and life, is still not above the law," Wingate wrote. In his order, Wingate concurred with state lawyers who said that a domain itself is a gaming device.

In September, Wingate had ordered transfer of the domain names of 141 gambling sites to the state. Attorneys had argued that the state had no jurisdiction. Wingate not only rejected that argument but also ordered attorneys who represent gambling Web sites to tell the court who their clients are.

No word on yet on an appeal, but one has to think the odds on that are a sure thing.

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