Kyocera's push-to-talk DuraPlus phone available March 11th for $70

Kyocera's third Dura Series phone offers the durability the devices have been known for in a new form factor.

As products like the Panasonic ToughBook and the Motorola Titanium have shown, there is clearly a market for durable, business-focused devices.

The latest comes from Kyrocera, whose DuraPlus phone offers push-to-talk features ideal for those in electronics-unfriendly industries like construction and transportation.

Available via Sprint on March 11th, the device will run for $70 with a two-year contract and after a $50 rebate.

Notably, the DuraPlus is the first of the Dura Series to come in a candybar shape. The previous two devices, the DuraMax and DuraCore, were both flip phones, making the DuraPlus's form factor a potentially welcome change.

Of course, despite the shift in shape, the DuraPlus is still as durable as its predecessors, offering protection from dust, humidity, shock, and a level of water protection that most consumer grade phones would be envious of.

Oh, and if the device is anything like the DuraMax, its probably tougher than Steve Austin.