L0pht's Anti-Sniff can only be used for good

L0pht releases a network admin tool... no, really.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Computer security think-tank L0pht Heavy Industries on Monday released the first version of its Anti-Sniff application, designed to protect systems from covert network probing. But the launch got a mixed response from some.

Researchers at network security firm Datafellows admit that Anti-Sniff is a handy Network admin tool, but are most pleased that for once there seems to be no hidden agenda from L0pht, which has in the past released applications that, for example, crack security passwords. "It makes a change to have something that is just for the good-guys. Usually this sort of so-called security tool has a double purpose," says General manager of Datafellows UK Jason Holloway.

Particularly notorious "security" tools that have doubled as useful cracking applications include the remote access tool Back Orifice 2000 from another group of "security consultants", Cult of the Dead Cow, and a password spoofing application called L0phtCrack from L0pht.

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