LA Supreme Court will be first to stream oral arguments

With three-camera setup, Louisiana Supreme Court arguments will be broadcast live around the world.

In Washington, the Supreme Court is just putting its toe in the Internet waters by sometimes releasing same-day audio of oral arguments. In the supposed backwaters of Louisiana, the state supreme court is a little more adverturous.

Starting next week, oral arguments at Louisiana's highest court will be webcast live over the court's website, according to the (LA) Advocate.

The live-streaming will be provided using three cameras in the courtroom, which allows for likenesses of the full seven-justice bench, an individual justice and the lawyer addressing the court.

Chief Justice Pascal Calogero Jr. praised the leadership of Justice Catherine “Kitty" Kimball for pushing technological projects through, “most notably our ability to now make our oral arguments available to anyone who wishes to watch them from wherever a computer with Internet access is located, whether at home, an office or a public library."

Kimball, who chairs the high court’s technology committee, added, “The Louisiana Supreme Court is pleased to be able to facilitate this access to the public and looks forward to additional innovations in technology presently in the works, maintaining the court’s position as one of the most technologically advanced courts in the nation."