Labour accused of hacking Lib Dem email

Liberal Democrats blame Labour party hacking for confidential email leak
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

A Labour Party employee hacked into the Liberal Democrats' email system, obtaining confidential policy information which was then leaked to the Guardian, according to a confidential Liberal Democrat memo.

The memo, sent to Liberal Democrat MPs and obtained by the Independent, concerns two recent policy leaks to the Guardian. According to the memo, Liberal Democrat computer experts have found evidence that a confidential email revealing policy was accessed by a Labour Party employee.

It says of the alleged security breach: "We do know that the Guardian leak was the product of a parliamentary hack (Labour was the culprit) and alert you to continuing problems with the security of this network."

Charles Kennedy, leader of the Liberal Democrats, Britain's third placed political party, is expected to raise the alleged breach with prime minister Tony Blair at their next meeting.

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